Capturing the life and times of Maltese people: 7 videos showing scenes from daily life
Most people tend to associate films from national and public archives with important historical events, such as national celebrations, war footage, or visits by world leaders and celebrities. If you asked them to think back to particular events, many would recall the same iconic scenes they saw man...
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5 interesting facts about the PBS TV archives
Walking into a film archive for the first time may be an intimidating experience for some people. Th...
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What equipment is used in the digitisation process?
Film digitisation requires specialised equipment that is operated by trained personnel, who ensure t...
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Which types of physical media are being digitised?
The process of digitising footage usually involves handling physical media which are no longer used ...
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What is the role of metadata editors in the MAVM project?
Converting archival footage to digital often requires the MAVM team to preserve handwritten notes fo...
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What does the work of an audio editor entail?
Digitising thousands of hours of footage from the PBS archives is a project that requires the collec...
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What does a video editor do?
This article is part of a four-piece series that describes the different jobs of the people working ...
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What is digitisation? How MAVM is giving a second life to the PBS archives
Malta Audio Visual Memories (MAVM) is a project that will make available to the public over 24,000 h...
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From Xandir Malta to PBS: Tuning into Maltese life and times for 45 years
Television service in Malta began in 1962 when Malta Television Services Ltd (MTV), a subsidiary of ...
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