Watch Malta’s memories on-demand when scanning markers around the islands
MAVM, in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority and Heritage Malta, will embark on a project...
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What the MAVM team thinks about the PBS archives digitisation project
The MAVM project is staffed by around 25 people working in different roles to digitise footage store...
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What is the difference between analogue and digital media?
Analogue and digital media refer to different technologies that are used to convert and transmit inf...
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Follow MAVM on social media
In just under a year, Malta Audio Visual Memories has taken its social media followers on an audiovi...
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Historical moments found in the PBS archives
Since the invention of the photo and film camera, people have captured historical moments to leave a...
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What does the job of an ingest operator involve?
Malta Audio Visual Memories is a project that depends on the skills and talents of many individuals ...
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PBS awarded €4M in EU funds for archives digitisation project
The news that PBS would be embarking on the second phase of a project involving the digitisation of ...
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