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How Floriana has never played second fiddle to Valletta


Floriana has a rich history.

The town, a stone’s throw away from Valletta, is home to many of Malta’s cultural attractions.

These include St Publius Parish Church, Porte des Bombes, Argotti Botanical Gardens and the King George V Recreational Grounds.

Floriana is known for its monuments and statues, including the Malta Memorial, which commemorates the 2,298 Commonwealth airmen who lost their lives during the Second World War while serving Malta.

The War Memorial, honouring the fallen of the First and Second World Wars, stands nearby.

The statue of Grandmaster Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, shown in our archive film footage, was moved and replaced by the Independence Monument in 1989.

St Anne Street in Floriana remains one of the busiest roads in Malta with traffic heading to Valletta from Marsa, Hamrun and Msida.

The Mediterranean headquarters of NATO was based in St Anne Street until 1971.

The Granaries in Floriana were originally used as huge grain storage facilities.

Over time they have became known as a place for political rallies, student protests, music events such as the Isle of MTV concerts and grand festivities such as Carnival.

Pope John Paul II spoke at the Granaries during his visits to Malta in 1990 and 2001.

Floriana is also proud of its football team. The club has won 26 national leagues and 20 FA Trophies over the years.

Our archive film shows the Floriana players being greeted by Governor-General Sir Maurice Dorman in the 1960s.

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