Watch Malta’s memories on-demand when scanning markers around the islands

MAVM, in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority and Heritage Malta, will embark on a project that uses digitised footage from the national broadcaster’s archives to enhance visitors’ appreciation of the historical background of sites around Malta and Gozo. 

The project involves the installation of over 100 totem poles and plaques near buildings, monuments, and other places of interest. These markers will enable users to view related audiovisual content on the MAVM website by scanning a QR code with their smartphones or tablets.

Locals and visitors will be able to take a virtual trip down memory lane and discover how Malta’s famous landmarks and spaces have changed through the years. See the evolution of City Gate in Valletta, stand with the Maltese when they were awarded the George Cross at the end of World War II, feel the crowd’s emotion on Independence Day, and join in the Freedom Day celebrations at the foot of the Birgu monument. 

The totem poles and plaques are designed to be as easy as possible to use. Each marker has a QR code that links to video clips about a particular site, as well as a brief description of the attraction and instructions to access the footage in English and Braille.

The first batch of totem poles and plaques will be installed in early 2021 at prominent tourist destinations, starting from the capital city Valletta. You can find out more about this project and see the list of locations where markers are available on MAVM’s website and social pages.